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"There are many who hold, as I do, that the most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man's intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed. But not only his intelligence; the full totality of his psychic powers." (M. Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p. 21)


I believe that every child deserves the best start in life.



        Skype Consults

           Initial findings/recommendations report: $200


Early Development and Tutoring at The Hut

Toddler (to 3yrs), Pre-school 3yrs+, Tutoring - $35 1/2 hr, $50 3/4 hr, $65/hr ($35 shared - max.2) or $90/1.5hrs

Child and caregiver may stay on site for outdoor play or to use the pool for as long as they wish, at no extra cost.



Skype ConsultsLate last year we began consultations with Ruth for our gorgeous little daughter Sophie who has a rare genetic condition which causes developmental delays. We were looking for a therapist who knows Montessori practice well and is working with children with special needs. We began by first meeting in person with Ruth when was visiting Sydney and again when we visited the North Coast on holiday in January. Since then we have continued our consultations using Skype.The Skype consultations are working beautifully for us. A kind of a home visit. Through them Ruth has offered guidance for setting up a lovely learning space with Montessori materials beautifully and sensitively set up for Sophie, and guidance with envisioning her learning process. The regular sessions are keeping our momentum and inspiration going very effectively.  Sophie loves it and it works for her. She understands that through some (tech) magic Ruth is there in our living room ready to play and work with her and she is keen as mustard! She understands that it’s all about her learning and she excitedly gathers materials to show Ruth what she can do with all the beautiful things we’ve been setting up for her. We’ve just been on a journey through play-dough to baking real-dough. We take photos to send to Ruth which is a lovely way to share what we’re doing between Skype calls.  We love working with Ruth! Jacqui.
Early Development Program: Our son Archie has been attending The Hut and working with Ruth Barker for the majority of 2016 and he would now have to be her most enthusiastic attendee! On his arrival for his first session at The Hut, Archie was understandably, a reluctant and anxious participant. Being almost 4 and having struggled with speech, language and general information and auditory processing difficulties, he was becoming all too familiar with feelings of failure, inadequacy and apprehension at exposing himself to new situations and environments where he would be expected to 'perform'. As parents, we also shared some of his concerns, however we wanted to provide him with the best opportunity for future success by encouraging him to persist and continually challenge himself. We are so thankful that we chose Ruth Barker to entrust the beginning of this process to.  Not only does Archie love attending his sessions with Ru each week, he has made numerous, significant advancements in key areas, including literacy, numeracy, motor planning, information processing, organisational and self monitoring and regulation. Ru has been instrumental in facilitating these achievements by not only guiding and teaching Archie, but by sharing information with us, his parents, who are now able to work at targeted skills/ experiences in the home and wider environment to further consolidate his learning week to week. Ru's background as a Montessori leader, coupled with her interest and present study in Paediatric Occupational Therapy gives her a unique and deep insight into the way children best access and make sense of information through play, discovery and autonomous inquiry whilst providing a safe, nurturing and challenging environment in which to do so.  Through working with Ru, Archie is becoming a more confident, independent and self motivated learner and person who feels great pride and excitement at discovering new things and achieving personal goals and milestones. We are so thankful to have made this connection for our son and family with Ru and The Hut and look forward to many more years of discovery and learning under her thoughtful guidance. Rebekah.
Tutoring: I have four small children and each of them approaches learning differently. For three of them the traditional school curriculum just hasn't worked! If you're like me, you've come to the conclusion that the system is broken. All the things I remember from my early learning seem to have disappeared. For years I explored every avenue available looking for a substitute to the modern curriculum. I tried every kind of software or home study course I could easily find until I found the best one that I could manage with four children. Even still that wasn't enough to pull my three children into the average category academically. "We came from Queensland, so we're just behind," was my only explanation for many years. Regrettably, nothing I tried worked to bring my kids back up to speed. It was incredibly frustrating and almost debilitating. I was failing my kids as a parent. That's how it felt. But for years I kept trying with limited results. And then I met Ruth Barker. In her little studio in Possum Creek I found all the learning processes that were familiar to me as a child, all the things I thought were lost in our modern school curriculum. Finding Ruth was like a wash of sunshine on a cold rainy day to our family. Not only did Ruth's hands-on learning techniques finally cut through for my academically challenged kids, her personal touch - dare I say it her love and dedication for my boys progress - has completely changed their experience of learning. No longer are they hopelessly left behind in a system that doesn't seem to care. After just one year my kids have made massive leaps in their basic classwork. They're actually enjoying the process of learning. They're winning. Their confidence has increased, which has lead to a completely different experience of their time at school amongst their peers. And not only that, we all love Ruth (our Ru) and Kev. The boys love it so much the ones who don't get to work with Ru that day want to spend time playing learning games with the other boys. Kids who have fun learning? Children who want to sit down to do "homework"? Sounds incredible, right? But that's the power of Ruth's processes and dedication. Ruth is a member of our family now. Her impact on our family, on our kids lives, will be felt for a very long time. Thank you, Ru, for all that you are! Fletcher.
Ruth Barker has been tutoring our 9, now 10 yo son Luka for several months.  We had become aware that Luka needed assistance with some elements of his school work such that he was able to feel more confident and capable in his school environment.  We came to Ruth on the referral of a good friend who had also had children with Ruth for tutoring.  We found Ruth to be organised, dedicated, flexible, cooperative and appropriately firm with Luka and was able to assist his learning in key areas.  Ruth and Luka formed a great partnership during their time together and genuinely enjoyed it whilst we had the pleasure of watching Luka develop under her guidance.  Luka is now better adapted in his classroom environment which was our original goal. Damion.
Leo with his mum,  watering the corn in the Infant/Toddler session.

Leo with his mum,  watering the corn in the Infant/Toddler session.


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