Schleich Farm Animals Kit 1


Schleich Farm Animals Kit 1


FOR TODDLERS over three years

Ranging from 9cm to 14.5cm each.

  • Hand Painted
  • Highly Detailed
  • Made of high quality plastic

Horse - The Bashkir Curly has a unique curly winter coat. It protects the horse from the icy temperatures in the Russian steppes. Fun Fact: The Bashkir Curly's coat makes it especially suitable for people who are allergic to animal fur.

Pig - The domestic pig is descended from the wild boar. By breeding, around 70 breeds have been created in different colours worldwide. Fun Fact: Pigs are more intelligent than dogs.

Sheep - With their thick, fluffy coats sheep are protected from the cold everywhere. Fun Fact - Sheep can see behind them without moving their heads.

Cow - Hereford cattle rank among the most famous and popular cattle breeds throughout the world. These cattle are good-natured as well as undemanding and are considered excellent food converters.
Fun Fact - Since this breed is very adaptable, Hereford cattle feel comfortable with almost every climate.


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